JSC Result 2015, PSC Result 2015 – Education Board Result

JSC Result has been published today at 1pm (31/12/2015). At the same time PSC result has been published too. 

[Solved] GADMEI USB TV Card Sound Problem in Windows 8

Well, recently I bought a GADMEI USB TV Stick (UTV382E), a shitty china brand that I didn't knew before. They releases new products but does not update their driver software. And that is what happened with this one too. This GADMEI USBTV Card works fine on Windows 7. But when you try to run this on Windows 8, generally it won’t produce any sound because of its old/ incompatible driver software. So it’s kind of a shitty situation, yeah? No problem, after a long decade of GOOGLING, I find some solutions to hear sounds in Windows 8 too. More specifically I found two ways to do it. Alright, let’s see if I can help you.

Solution - 1

Though it is not quite a satisfactory solution but at least you can watch TV with listening the sound. All you have to do is -

Start Recording (Shortcut Key - R)
GADMEI sound problem

Make Blogger Sidebar Fixed (Sticky) That Scrolls with You!

Blogger Sidebar Fixed Sticky

You can arrange your blogger sidebar in several ways. Here I will show you some way of displaying sidebar as like fixed, sticky, animating. So lets see some example!
  1. Fixed Sidebar– with only CSS [See Example]
  2. jQuery Sticky Sidebar that Scrolls with Visitor! [See Example]
  3. jQuery Sticky Widget (only a specific widget will be Scroll ) [This page is a example!, Sticky Widget is almost same as Sticky Sidebar, there whole sidebar stick around and here only a single widget stay sticky.]

Add Nivo Slider to Your Blogger Blog [UPDATED]

Today I'm sharing another awesome, beautiful image slider for Blogger/ BlogSpot blog. It is made with jQuery. and of course HTML and CSS but the main awesomeness, sliding effect is made with jQuery. This image slider is created by dev7studios.com/nivo-slider/. They did really a great job. This slider have downloaded more than 20,00000 times from their site. I have made a bloggerized version of the slider. See demo below.

www.educationboardresults.gov.bd - HSC Result 2015 Published!

HSC Result 2015 Bangladesh (Updated)

The HSC Result 2015 has been published today (9th August)

HSC Exam Result 2015 Bangladesh:

HSC Result 2015Here this post is for the result of HSC examinees 2015, Bangladesh. You may be very excited to get your result of HSC exam 2015. And searching for, when the HSC exam result 2015 will be published and from where you can get it? The (Higher Secondary Certificate) HSC / Alim examination result of 2015 Bangladesh will be publish between 60 days from the end of examination.

FlexSlider Carousel Slider for Blogspot

blogger carousel
This is a responsive jQuery carousel slider. This amazing slider developed by flexslider.woothemes.com. It has some really cool features that makes you like it. The most cool feature is it is fully responsive; you don't have to tensed about the sliders width / height even all images width and height are auto adjustable. And also you can set minimum/maximum number of images to be appear on occasion of various size screen/browser. So overall it is quite a beautiful carousel slider. Here it is customized for blogger/blogspot so you can just copy and paste the code to install on your blogger blog. Check out the live demo by clicking the link below.