"Opera:config" Settings for Bangla font in mobile with Opera mini

1. Why I can’t see Bangla in mobile?
2. How to solve Bangla font problem in mobile?
3. How to view Bangla in opera mini mobile browser?
4. How to see Bangla font in mobile?
5. How to setup "opera:config" to view bangla ?
6. Why I can’t read any Bangla font on internet with my mobile?
7. Why my mobile gone hang while I go to a site that is in Bengali?
8. How to see number properly in Opera mini (like it shows 4234 for 2012 when it’s in Bengali)?
If you are fetching this type of problem then you are at the right place. Follow the instruction below to see Bangla Font properly in your mobile device with Opera mini.

Step-1: At first make sure Opera mini is installed on your Mobile Phone, If not, go to the website of Opera and download the right version of Opera mini that is best for you mobile device.
Install & Run Opera mini

Step-2: Write opera:config or about:config  or config: in the address bar (don’t use www with it)
or, Click on this link with  your mobile.

Step-3: Find “Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts” make it “Yes” and click on “Save

"opera:config" Bangla font in Opera mini

That’s it!

Now you can see Bangla properly in your mobile. Not only Bangla. Hindi, Arabian all languages that uses complex scripts, all will be readable now.

Bonus tips: To save MB/ Bandwidth and view page properly in Opera mini go to Settings>(*)Mobile view[turn on mobile view] and Save

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  1. tnx a lot. it helps me solv my problem seeing bangla

  2. Thanks. Now I can see bangla through opera mini.

  3. but is it possible to enable bitmap for complex script in opera mini 7.1?

  4. thanks a lot.now i am able to read bangla thougth opera mini

  5. ami opera mini 12 use kori kintu bangla use korta pari na.pls help

  6. This is very strange!!! I installed version 10 in my mobile but I never found this option !!!

  7. Thanks opera.com now i,se bangla but i'cant write bangla can you give thats tips.

  8. Many thanks brother, now I can see the Bangla Front........Shafiq

  9. It is a very good tips. Thanks friend. Now I see bangla on my mobile too.

  10. Thanks a lots . now it's working . I can see bangla now :)