How To Find/Identify Blogger Widget/Gadget ID

blogger widget id

There is several ways to find a blogger widget/gadget ID.
  • Using firebug
  • Searching on Template
and so on... Here I'm showing you the simplest way to identify a blogger widget/ gadget ID

Steps to follow:

1. Go to your Blog's Dashboard > Layout 
2. Mouse hover on your widget's Edit link
3. A floating URL will came out at the bottom of your browser. (See image) In the URL you can find your widget ID by looking there "widgetId=HTML5". Here "HTML5" the ID.

id blogger widget

Or Alternatively 

2.1 Click on Edit Button of the Gadget 
2.2 A new small window will pop up. Look at the address bar of that window. At the very end of the URL you will find the Gadget/Widget ID.  (See The Screenshot Below)

I hope that this little article may help you . Don't forget to say thanks :p. And stay with DIMPost.

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