How to host JavaScript file on Google Code for free

Do you want to host your JavaScript file on Google-Code free? Google Code provide you the opportunity to host your JavaScript file on Google code for fully free with easy access. Just host the code/file and then use it anywhere on the web. Not only JavaScript you can host all types of web code including JavaScript, Python, AJAX, MySQL, PHP etc. Though here you can host all types of file), but it is mostly used as a free code/project hosting server.

Let’s host your javascript file on Google-Code (Google Project Hosting server)

1. At first go to and Login with your Google account.
You’ll see a screen like this below.
2. Click on “Create a new project”

3. On the next screen you’ll see a form like this. Fill out the form as like the example below.

4. Click on “Create project”

5. On the next screen Expand “Download” tab and click on “New download” button. See screenshot below.
6. Write Summary and Description info. Select file from your local drive by clicking “Browse” button.
7. Click on “Submit file”

8. On the next screen right click on your uploaded file’s download button and “Copy Link Location”

9. Now you can link the JavaScript file on your website with this copied address. See example below..

<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

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  1. Seems very informative post indeed!! I like it... :)

  2. Why am I not getting the downloads button?

  3. I have try the same and its done... wow great work... thanks dear...