List of all Bangla Newspaper in Bangladesh

We all read bangla newspapers. There are very few people who do not read newspapers. The number of online newspaper readers rising day by day. Especially online Bangla newspaper readers rising rate is remarkable in out country(Bangladesh). Every person have his/her own choice, they reads different newspaper. Different newspapers provides different kinds of news. And all types of news are not available in a single newspaper. In that case, we need to search in various newspapers to get the news. But you know it is not possible to remember all the newspapers web address at a time. So here we are providing all Bangla newspaper's web link list in this post. You could just bookmark this page and use in future when you need.

All Bangla Newspaper List

Does people still read newspaper (printed version) ?

Newspaper is an important part of our life. Newspaper plays a great role in our daily life. The importance of newspaper in our life can not be described in words. The people of all over the world read newspapers. Some people read newspaper only for knowing the regular news of home and abroad, some read only for entertainment. Newspaper gives us both information and pleasure. By reading a newspaper we can gather a clear knowledge about the world’s condition. It is like a mirror of the world. Newspaper has various types including daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly and yearly. The dailies contain the daily news of the world. We can know the economic situation of the country and the condition of various peoples of the world through it.
Maximum common people read newspaper daily. In our country we read bangle newspaper most. There are lots of bangle newspapers in our country including daily Prothom alo, Incilub, Somoy, Jonokontho, Songram, Dinkal etc. these newspapers supplies daily news to us. We can buy Newspapers easily at a reasonable price. In it we can read all type of news such as: national news, international news, crimes news, sports news, business news, entertaining news etc. Actually newspaper reveals the all types of unknown news. By reading bangle newspapers our children can improve their language and gather knowledge.
English newspaper is also important for our country. By reading English newspaper we can improve our reading capacity and enrich our vocabulary too. In our country English newspaper is very necessary to read. The number of people who read English newspaper is very few which a negative point of our country is. I hope this number will be increased by the passes of time.
Magazines usually publish weekly, monthly and even quarterly. Magazines are different from daily newspaper. It is actually based on some topic such as: sports, fashion, upcoming movies, world records, jocks etc. The main magazines of our country are: Sanonda, Anondolok, Anondo dhara, Tarokalok, Film fare, Criralok etc. We can get all sports news in one magazine. Fashion magazines are useful to all of us. By reading it anyone can get a clear knowledge about fashion and trend. We can know which is new, which is out of fashion, which product is available in our country and price also. Some magazines are world record based. By reading those magazines anyone can gather knowledge about new world records.

This article is written by a guest writer 'Shaan'.

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