How To Get Verified Paypal Account From Bangladesh

Paypal is one of the great payment method to freelancers over the world. Almost all the freelancing site supports Paypal. Paypal has so many feature for its users. Every freelancer must have a Paypal account for easy money transferring.

But Paypal not supports some country. Sad news is that Paypal Not supports Bangladesh. So, all the freelancers of Bangladesh are suffering for this problem. They earn more but cannot bring their money to home country only for not have any Paypal account. So today we discuss about the solution of this problem.

You can easily create a Paypal account using proxy. But it is not enough. You have to verify this Paypal account for any transaction. And it is not possible from Bangladesh as Paypal not supports Bangladesh. So, at first you need to create an online Bank account. Not be worry. It’s totally free. Just follow the tips and you will get a verify Paypal account with a free online bank account. The tips is below:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on “OPEN AN ACCOUNT”

Step 3: Click “CONTINUE”  on the “Complete Investment Account” under INVESTING & TRADING ACCOUNTS” tab.


Step 5: Check on “Individual Account” and click “CONTINUE”

Step 6:  Check on “I am new to ETRADE ” and click “CONTINUE”

Step 7: This is most important stage. Here you have to fill address as a New York citizen. You can get fake address from . After complete click on “CONTINUE”.

Step 8: Fill the Tax and Citizenship Information and click on “CONTINUE”.

Step 9: Employment Information and  click on “CONTINUE”.

Step 10: Personal Information and  click on “CONTINUE”.

Step 11: Click “CONTINUE” for next 3 stage.

Step 12: Give user ID and Password and click Continue.

Step 13: Login to etrade. After select your name click on Continue.

Step 14: Click on ACKNOWLEDGE

Step 15: Click on No thanks.

Step 16: Your online bank account is ready. Collect your account number from dashboard.

Step 17: Now it’s time to open a new Paypal account. Go to and click on “Sign Up”

Step 18: Select United States as your country. And then click on “Get Started” under “PayPal for you” section.

Step 19: Click on “Get Started” under “Personal” tab

Step 20: This is the most important point. Fill information like your etrade account. And click on “Agree and Create Account”

Step 21: Click “Continue” under “Pay with my bank account” section.

Step 22: Fill your Etrade account number and Routing number of etrade. Routing number for etrade is 256072691. And click on “Continue”

Step 23: Login to PayPal. Update your account information and Click on “Submit”

Step 24: Click on “Get Verified”

Step 25: Click on “Confirm Bank”

Step 26: Click on “Confirm Instantly”

Step 27: Again click on “Confirm Instantly” and then click on “Continue”

Wait for 2-3 days. PayPal will made a small deposit on your bank account. You have to answer the amount. That’s it. Just follow the tips and you will get your verified PayPal account.

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  1. etrade ছাড়া অন্যকোন সাইট কি আছে? এখানে একাউন্ট খোলা যাচ্ছে না।

  2. Yes...!!! this Method is working properly Right Now...!!! :)

    1. until now is this method working fine? my USApaypal a/c limited because of payoneer bank a/c. how can i gain access to it?

  3. Now we can not verify the Paypal account because there is restriction.


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