What is plagiarism and How it is harmful to all

Now-a-days, talking about plagiarism has been emerged largely at the world of Internet dwellers i.e. Internet World. Plagiarism is harmful to both the owner of intellectual property and plagiarist. How is that ?

Before computer era, it was not so much existed on our daily activities. But After starting computer era, It is now present tremendously in us because of huge benefit of copy pasting, Or easy way for copy pasting.

What is Plagiarism: 
We usually have two types of property. One is our land, car, building etc which have physical shape and that's why those are called as physical property. But we have another types of property which are not created from natural elements instead of our brain. When one create something such as books, documents, movie those are called as intellectual property. One needs to invest his or her brain to acquire those property.

Is it ???

Why Plagiarism is HARMFUL to both parties ?
Although A intellectual property owner get less benefits from his creation. This is harmful to him thus. But copy and past is more harmful to A plagiarist more than the owner.

How ?

As a Plagiarist you may:
-loss your originality.
-loss your power.
-forget to discover what is in you.
-loss the intention of creating something or bring out something from your mind.
-feel shy always.

# Where search engines do not see a plagiarist well enough and rank copy past content, A plagiarist should be tried to make proper intention to mention himself or herself.

## When the intention of creating something will be grown in the mind of a plagiarist, It will drive him for creating something unique. On the other hand,  It may drive him to find out his lacks and force how to remove those.

Note: Creating a thesis paper by coping something from others books or documents is not considered as plagiarism.

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