[Solved] GADMEI USB TV Card Sound Problem in Windows 8

Well, recently I bought a GADMEI USB TV Stick (UTV382E), a shitty china brand that I didn't knew before. They releases new products but does not update their driver software. And that is what happened with this one too. This GADMEI USBTV Card works fine on Windows 7. But when you try to run this on Windows 8, generally it won’t produce any sound because of its old/ incompatible driver software. So it’s kind of a shitty situation, yeah? No problem, after a long decade of GOOGLING, I find some solutions to hear sounds in Windows 8 too. More specifically I found two ways to do it. Alright, let’s see if I can help you.

Solution - 1

Though it is not quite a satisfactory solution but at least you can watch TV with listening the sound. All you have to do is -

Start Recording (Shortcut Key - R)
GADMEI sound problem

While recording is on, you can hear and control the sound. This is just a trick I find out, it is not the proper way how the TV Driver Software should work. But when I was struggling to solve the sound problem then this simple trick made my day.  Even though in this way you have to stop recording every time you want to change a channel, and after changing the channel you have start recording again to listen the sound. So if you need to change TV channel too often then follow Solution – 2 below.

Solution - 2

Here I’m sharing another way of solving the sound problem. This way you can change your TV Channel with the remote in one click and so on.  But we need an additional software called "TVHome Media". You can download it from here below for Windows 8 and also for later version of Windows.

Download TVHome Media (8.5MB, x86_x64)

I assume that GADMEI USBTV Driver Software (which you got with your GADMEI USB TV ex. TVHome Media3) and "TVHome Media"(the one you just downloaded) both are installed.

Driver Software
TVHome Media

Now follow these steps below:

1. Open TVHome Media3 (or whatever you got with your GADMEI USB TV Stick)

2. Click on FM (1) then OK (2), Yes you read it right, FM, this is a trick, just follow me.

3. Open "TVHome Media" (downloaded one) and go to TV (3)
Classical View

4. And now go back to the USBTV Default Driver Software Window (TVHome Media3 in my case) and click on Return (4)

5. And go back to ATV (5)

6. Now switch back to "TVHome Media" window and watch TV with the Sound. Use your remote to change channel.

Though no ways shown here is most convincing solution to this problem or are available in the internet. But when anyone has bought this shitty TV Stick, he has to find a way to at least make it useful.

Cheers! If you have any question or anything, feel free to ask. Feedback is most welcome.
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  1. We expect your regular post update. Pls write for us regularly. We expect your gorgeous blogging journey.

    Great tips to solve TV card sound problem.

  2. do you have another link to download the software because the one you provided is not working?

  3. I can not download TVhome media sowftware.Please give me proper link.

    1. Download link Updated and working just fine now :)


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